Site review for home electric products maker

Site and competitor review for a manufacturer of high-quality switch boards and enclosures

Overview is a classic corporate website. The site is a small one (about 40 pages in Google index). Content number is relatively low. Arguably, the site’s most valuable content is Product Description and downloadable PDF brochures.

Product category pages (automation switchboards, data enclosures and NBN & FTTH enclosures) are the list of Products, whereas individual Product pages are missing. Arguably, it is the downloadable PDF brochures that perform a function of Product pages. Likewise, PDFs content is more specific as compared to Product Description on a category page.

‘Available through’ section (featured on virtually all site’s pages) obviously is intended to serve as a fragment of conversion funnel, i.e. it leads a user to the point of sale. Yet, surprisingly, those are authorized distributors' websites that do not have online stores. Therefore, the distributor section can’t lead to conversions. It can potentially have only a brand building purpose, like for example ‘As seen on CNBC’.

Search terms: correspond to product categories, i.e. NBN enclosures, FTTH enclosures, automation switchboards, data enclosures.

  • NBN enclosures: low competition, page is ranked Top-3

  • FTTH enclosures: low competition, page is ranked 11th (Page 2)

  • Switchboards: moderate competition, not ranked Top-20

  • Enclosures: high competition, not ranked Top-20

Predicates' significance:

  • NBN –9 pages feature the predicate

  • FTTH – 6 pages

  • Switchboard: 2 pages

  • Enclosure: 33 pages

Competitors’ analysis is Australia’s manufacturer of enclosures, racks, cabinets and switchboard building systems. The site has a solid About us page featuring a video. Products are organized in Categories (for example, Residential Commercial Enclosures) and Sub-Categories (for example, NBN Enclosures).

The [sub] category page has a handy supplementary content: 1) links to brochures, 2) alternative navigation (related categories), 3) NBN official resources as well as 4) a Conversion link leading to ‘Find your local wholesaler’ gateway.

See below

The website has a separately accessible Resource Centre with: 1) brochures / catalogues, 2) technical reports on products operation, 3) assembly manuals, 4) videos and 5) news. has only a few videos and obviously lacks 1) product review videos and 2) assembly How-Tos / demonstration videos. News section contains miscellaneous news and probably needs organization: blog items, corporate announcements, case-studies, etc.

Contact page is OK, yet, it may need Google maps embed. What it may also miss is link to Social. In addition to that, website has a well-organized Footer menu featuring expanded categories entries as well as contact info and an array of static pages. Overall, the website is very quality and built to perform relatively goo in organic search.

Content metrics

Pages number: ~1100

NBN –260 pages feature the predicate

FTTH – 239 pages

Switchboard: 320 pages

Enclosure: ~700 pages is another Australia’s electrical enclosure and electrical switchboard website. The products also have been organized into categories, yet the focus is not as refined as with Individual product page has an option of asking a question on a product directly from the page.

The contact page is OK and features a Google map link. Overall, the site is a bit outdated as regards technology. Also, it may miss Resource Centre on products as well as a Blog. Yet, the company has obviously performed lost of integration project (as seen from so it can potentially keep up with that.

Content metrics

Pages number: ~100 pages



Switchboard: 40 pages

Enclosure: 39 pages

Key takeaways

Your website is lagging back in terms of quality and quantity of content (as compared to competitors). It’s most obvious as regards:

  1. the Reference content (assembly manuals and videos),

  2. Supplementary content (related items navigation, external links to official resource) as well as

  3. Blog, which is missing.

Overall content number is relatively low, which means that the website is not able to effectively compete for organic ranking with larger sites with more organized content. It means that apart from

  1. updating the Landing pages (category page / product page) layout,

  2. creating a Resource hub (installation manuals, videos, etc) you would want to

  3. start a blog and engage in production of your topics-relevant content.

As your competitors have obviously got similar content tactics as regards development of their content I can see that your winning points of difference (PODs) are

  1. Videos,

  2. Case studies and

  3. Blog.

In addition to focusing on POD content, you would want to update your current Static pages.

Likewise, ‘About us’ page needs to be expanded. You may want to include links to Social profiles of key persons within the company, for example, Jared Smith.

Now, About and Contact Us pages look pretty much the same. Therefore, you may want to create a separate Contact page and embed a Google sitemap there.

Importantly, some pages / widgets that are important to Google understanding of your E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) are missing: Privacy / Consumer Policies, Customer support, Social links, Email signup as well as Sitemap.

Likewise, I recommend creating a Footer menu that would feature 1) your Contacts w/ Google map, 2) your product categories as well as individual product titles, 3) Static pages (About, Policies, Social, Sitemap, etc.)

Also, it’s strange that you have some pages with irrelevant content on the Google index 9see below – marked in red). Obviously, those pages are now gone. Still, you would want to double check that. To be absolutely on the safe side, use .htaccess to redirect those URLs to your Homepage.

Importantly, your conversion funnel has been underdeveloped. It undermines you overall customer acquisition plan as you can’t actually get the immediate feedback on your marketing efforts. So, it’s crucial to update the conversion funnel in order to be able to gain at least some metrics on your users’ conversion-related behavior.

In my opinion you would want to create a doorway page to local wholesalers and feature that link on all your landing pages. See for example here

The page may have a Main filter by 1) postcode, and /or 2) town and a Supplementary filter by Distance search. As a result of the main filter operation you’d have user click on a 1) map (to get a direction), or 2) phone number (to check the item availability).

You could use these metrics as a first step to gauge your conversion effectiveness. If necessary, the conversion funnel can be further refined (including through API) to bring more data on user’s buying intent / actual sales.

Overall, given your current content number, the online marketing milestones may include: 1) local search optimization, 2) online reputation building, and 3) content & pages’ layout development.

Final recommendations

A growth strategy lies in updating your landing pages to bring more ‘added value’ to a customer. It’s done through creating a Resource hub with

1) manuals,

2) installation how-to videos, and

3) external resources.

You may also need a better Supplementary navigation from landing pages as well as Supplementary content sections featuring what you’ve got in your Resource hub in the manner of

In addition to that, you should focus on:

1) logging your client experience in the form of case-studies as well as

2) creating relevant content through a weekly blogging calendar.

Your customer acquisition plan lies in utilizing the potential of local search as well as enhancing your reputation online through better social & local citations.

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