SEO, Content Strategy and UX Research for Cincopa

This is a Case Study of problems and solution proposed for Cincopa, a multimedia content hosting service

Cincopa is a well established service that drives >41% of its 300k monthly traffic from Organic Search. It has been ranked very high against most of its core keywords.

A company bio

Cincopa is a multimedia content hosting service launched in 2006. Cincopa allows for easy upload, embedding, customization, organisation and analysis of video / image content.

Industry: SaaS, Video Hosting.

Scope of work:

SEO Sitelinks guidance, Link signal consolidation, SEO plugin guidance, Sitemap guidance, Indexing consultation, Semantic Search guidance, Knowledge Graphs. Content strategy Blogging & Social networks content strategy.

Marketing strategy User experience research, Landing page Research and Development, Analytics data consolidation and research, Marketing strategy development and optimization.

A new selling proposition problem

Cincopa has introduced video hosting services yet have been continuously approaching the new service in the old marketing terms. So, both Inbound Traffic and the Conversion Rate was relatively low.

They felt frustrated about a lack of understanding of the experience of users that would shop for their new service. So, they wanted to know specifically how to build landing pages that will appeal to certain types of user experience (UX). Also, they wanted to know what marketing experience they can learn from their competitors.

Fragmented Marketing Funnel

Cincopa guys felt that they may need to change the focus of their user engagement efforts as he/she would go down inside the marketing funnel. Their old marketing funnel appeared to be too fragmented and letting a little too many users out. So, they felt a need to develop a road map of how to engage users through educational resources, nurture them through their company culture and eventually convert them through a Free Trial (product tour).

Social Media not performing well

I have suggested that their Social Media pages’ content was a little too biased toward design / layout topics. They may even have missed simple and real conversational posts, experience and life stories (because this is what makes the page a Community). My idea was that their pages did not feature the experience of your Community members or people who use their services.

Free Trial Users vs Direct Buyers

Cincopa team made many tests in the past and tried different registration funnels and tactics. The original funnel was showing the users the free account, no trial, and they could use it until it's blocked and they were requested to purchase. I have suggested putting a free account as a separate pricing plan as well as giving pricing links more prominence on landing pages as well as navigation routes.

International targeting problem

To provide a better understanding of your site’s content to Google I advise they mark up the regional versions of their site by hreflang tags. Hreflang will: Help the right country/language version of your cross-annotated pages appear in the correct versions of google.

Indexation of the site’s blog

Guys feel frustrated about the fact that Blog was slow to index. Yet, the blog CMS was deployed on a separate directory folder, which it treated as a Home page. So, it would redirect the Homepage β€˜slug’ URL to the trailing slash URL sticking to the directory structure. It has had a bearing on your canonical URLs and overall internal links structure

Sitelinks from Organic Search

As the focus of marketing efforts changed to a newly launched service, Cincopa team wanted to suggest Sitelinks that were more adequate to their current strategy. So, they wanted to know factors counted in by Google Sitelinks Algorithms as well as how it can incorporate webmaster input.

Web reputation management

I have suggested that Cincopa shall be considering utilising a Semantic Search potential that can both enhance their online reputation and increase the β€˜inbound’ marketing effectiveness. Therefore, in the first instance I have created a draft of a compliant Wikipedia article and given it to them for edit (facts only). Also, I have updated their Freebase entity to include all necessary statements and data.

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